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Dynamic and fun, great for people familiar and unfamiliar with Shakespeare’s work alike.
The performers’ response rate is lightening fast...It’s a fantastic display of improvisation, multi-rolling, ensemble and physical skill, and the company are warm and charismatic...
This troupe also knows when to nail a true Shakespearean moment.
A wonderful dose of Shakespeare in one of the most innovated ways imaginable
A Fool’s Paradise is an awesome, fever-dream-like romp through your favorite mindscape...This is the sheer, true pleasure of watching good actors execute their craft while staying satisfyingly rough and tumble.

—The Bad Oracle


"so ready for scotland" 

With that began an interview of Sarah Curnoles, producer and director of the 2015 Charm City Fringe Fest Audience Choice Award winner, A Fool’s Paradise (formerly That Way Madness Lies). In just a few days, Sarah and her company will be the second Festival award-winner to take their production to Scotland to perform in the largest arts festival in the world, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe... (click headline to see the full article)


Three Harford actors to perform in this summer's Edinburgh Fringe Festival

In August, three Harford County actors will travel to Scotland to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the world's largest arts festival. Logan Davidson, Jenna Rossman and Sabrina Thornton will appear in "A Fool's Paradise: 30 Shakespeare Scenes in 60 Minutes."

Last year, the Festival hosted 50,459 performances of 3,314 shows in 313 venues... (click headline to see the full article)

Baltimore Shakespeare Ensemble Plays The Edinburgh Festival Fringe August 6-12

What does an international performance arts festival in Edinburgh, Scotland have in common with Baltimore? This year, quite a bit. In August, the annual Edinburgh Festival Fringe (The Fringe) will host a talented troupe of Charm City actors for the international debut of  “A Fool’s Paradise: 30 Shakespeare Scenes in 60 Minutes.” (click headline to see the full article at

Charm City Fringe Festival Includes Performance of 30 Shakespeare Scenes In One Hour

That Way Madness Lies features audience participation—and bingo.

"The stars here are the actors and Shakespeare's words—and that is the greatest achievement of this performance. You'll see these incredible works in a different way, and appreciate the dedication and prowess it takes to interpret them." (click headline to see full article)


WINNER:  2015 Audience Choice Award went to the exciting, high-energy: THAT WAY MADNESS LIES: 30 Shakespeare Scenes in 60 Minutes, directed by Sarah Curnoles.

“Had so much fun last night at the show! Wonderful, talented, funny cast....worth seeing more than once. They are such stuff as dreams are made on…”
— Nancy Parson
“Phenomenal, so much fun and well done!!! My friend loved it too, we talked about how it reminded us we need more theater in our lives!”
— Jacinta Casey
“Amazing concept, well performed and executed by these talented cute actors. I had a great time last night.”
— Amteshwar Singh Aulakh
“This project will remind you why you love Shakespeare (and also why you roll your eyes at Shakespeare, too). Get thee to Church & Company.”
— Ryan Nicotra
“It was tons of fun. It was a great way to experience Shakespeare...this ensemble really blew me away. Literally best performance of Shakespeare’s works ever. 10/10. 100% of the people I went with would recommend it to others. EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS SHOW.”
— Laura Bandoch